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About Health Coaching

Helping you to achieve your health and well-being goals


What is a health coach?

A health coach is many things: a wellness authority; a great listener; a motivating guide; a mentor, and a support person. To achieve your business goals, you need a business coach; to achieve your swimming goals, you need a swimming coach. To achieve your health and wellbeing goals, you need a health coach. 

That’s where I come in. 

By taking a holistic look at your current nourishment, movement, resilience, and connectedness, I’m able to guide you in setting achievable goals and creating new habits that will set you up for living a purposeful, healthy life.

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How health coaching works

  • I accept and meet you where you are at

  • Guide you to discover your purpose in life

  • Tap into your innate desires and drives

  • Address your physical and mental health as a whole

  • Set realistic and achievable goals

  • Design a wellness plan specific to you

  • Harness the strengths needed to overcome obstacles

  • Build a supportive environment for success

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Why do you need a health coach?

We all have the power to change the destiny of our health…. sometimes we just need a little guidance. I’ll support you in making subtle changes to your lifestyle, adding years to your life and helping you stay healthy so you can do more of what you love.

Everyone dreams about how they want their life to play out - a health coach simply helps lay the foundation to achieve those dreams.

By bridging the gap between knowledge and behaviour, I can help you find ways to flourish.

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What is Santosha?

Simply put, Santosha means ‘contentment’ in Sanskrit. Santosha is all about seeing the positive in every situation and being content with what you have, rather than always chasing something “bigger and better”. 

This word deeply resonates with me. I have found Santosha in my life and now I want to help you find yours.