Are you languishing?

Languishing sits on the mental health continuum between depression and flourishing. However, it's not depression or a mental illness.

How I recovered from Covid

Like me, you’re probably sick of hearing the word ‘COVID’. Now, I'm by no means an expert, but I can share my own experience with Covid-19.

What I learnt in 2021

2021 definitely did not go as I had planned but there were plenty of wins. Here are five things I learnt along the way.

How to Thrive in Lockdown

Here are my top four tips for getting through lockdown and thriving, rather than just surviving.

Book Review #1

Life lessons from six of the best books i've read in the past few years.

My journey with Ayahuasca

As Ayahuasca becomes more widely discussed in the media I feel compelled to share my own experience with the powerful psychedelic.

What is a health coach?

It's no secret our health system is broken: we treat the symptoms of illness, rather than the root cause. That’s where coaching comes in.

What should I eat?

There are so many different ways to eat - and it’s confusing, right? Here is my food philosophy.

My Daily Routine

My routine is one of the most important facets of my life to keep me grounded, here's what I do on a daily basis.

How to get more sleep

When it comes to health, sleep sits above even diet and exercise in terms of importance, so how can we get more of it?

How I fell in love with singing bowls

While travelling in India I had my first sound therapy session and fell in love with the magic of singing bowls and their ability to heal.

What's your Dosha?

Learn more about the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and discover your dosha.